En Inglés para aquellos interesados....First Latinamerican Reunion. Living with type 1 diabetes and social media

First Latinamerican Reunion. Living with type 1 diabetes and social media

It was finally time. Someone was kind enough to read, understand, listen and share the importance of communication among those who live with diabetes. Someone finally wants to understand what is going on with all of us and how to help us have a better quality of life. Someone was interested enough to help us organize an event proposed by the same community of people who live with diabetes in Latinamerica. Who would have thought?
Just like that and in the less complicated way Medtronic Latinamerica accepted to help us with this reunion.  They have helped since day 1. 

This is an event only for a very small number of type 1 diabetes patients where Medtronic Latinamerica will only be covering expenses and will certainly be observing and taking our opinions into consideration. Sounds great doesn´t it? This first event will take place in Mexico City in a couple beginning tomorrow. 

The purpose of this first encounter is to gather a group of Latinamerican Diabetes Activists (or advocates) specialized in blogging, writing and tweeting about type 1 diabetes. We will all gather this time to discuss present and future of our treatments, options, and ways to help others. Why such a small number? Well, not all of us have a twitter account or access to this kind of social media tools, in our countries we are still at the very beginning but we see this will change in a few years.

This hashtag was created in 2011. We all wanted to begin a tweetchat following the Diabetes Online Community's example (which was mainly in English) we wanted to recognize, identify and hold conversations with those who participated in social media in Spanish. In those times we were less than 5 people involved so it didn’t really work. Three years later we have decided to use the same hashtag and we hope to recognize more Spanish speaking people interested in the diabetes conversation. 

The DOC's example is great. We have seen how they have gathered and have formed a great support online community. We have followed them ever since. They are not big organizations but just people helping people.

With this first encounter we hope to make enough noise to be taken into consideration, and specially to reach others who live with diabetes as well and who might find quite helpful to read this type of information.

Of course, we invite all those interested to follow the conversation through #diabetesLA

Please, help us reach those interested forwarding this blog post's link.